Definition of TDAU :

train-data-recorderTrain Data Acquisition Unit (TDAU) is an electronic device installed in the Loco (Train Engine) to record all type communication : cab videos, train coordinates, time, events and instructions sent over any electronic systems on an the Loco.

Train Data Acquisition Unit (TDAU) is the pro-active and non-punitive use of digital or analog Train operational data from routine operations to improve train safety.

Objective of TDAU :

  • Identify areas of operational risk and quantify safety margins
  • Identify and quantify changing operational risks by highlighting when non-standard, unusual or unsafe circumstances occur.
  • To use the information on the frequency of occurrence , combined with an estimation of severity, to assess the risk and to determine which may become unacceptable if discovered trend continuous.
  • To put risk mitigation techniques
  • Confirm the effectiveness of any remedial action by continued monitoring
  • Compare Standard Operating Procedures with those actually achieved every day

Basic Parameters required for Analysis :

  • Voice recording : Walkie Talkie, train driver to guard or train to control both ways, Magneto phone / Train intercom, Oral communication in the cab between loco pilot and the assistant
  • Video recording of in cab and front view of the from loco
  • Time and date
  • GPS coordinates of location
  • Train speed logs
  • Break pressure logs

Technology Partner :

  • Brazil Railways
  • Australia, Cairns Tilt Train
  • DB Germany
  • Australia, Hunter Rail Cars
  • Australia, Reliance Rail, Waratah trains
  • China, Wuhan Z&Y Corporation – China Railways
  • Brazil, São Paulo Metro Line 2 and 3
  • Finland, Helsinki Commuter Trains
  • SNCF France, AGC Regional Trains
  • Israel Railways – Several projects
  • US Railways
  • Hong Kong, KCRC/MLR
  • Russian-Finland, Karelian Trains (RZD and VR)
  • Slovakia Railways and Czech Railways, ŠKODA Transportation a.s.
  • Sweden, Stockholm Commuter Trains
  • Romanian Railways, CFR S.A.-
  • UK Railways (Undeground) – 1989