Techno Sat Comm provides reliable and efficient IP Based CCTV Surveillance solution for Mass Rail Transit Project.

CCTV system is required to ensure effective surveillance of an area as well as to create temper proof video recording for post event analysis.

Video surveillance system is an end to end IP Based with Full HD IP cameras.

The CCTV system shall consist of the following principal sub-systems:
Platform Surveillance – monitoring of entraining and detraining of passengers at all platforms of all stations of NMRC.

Station Surveillance – monitoring entire station area locally from concerned station and remotely from Operation Control Center.

Depot Surveillance – monitoring important locations in all Depots both locally and remotely from Operation Control Center.

Apart from above location, CCTV surveillance system is used for monitoring important locations outside the stations like RSS, Ramp, Parking and specifically identified theft prone areas (at grade alignment) etc, from adjacent station and remotely from Operational Control Center. Night Vision (IR illuminated) cameras are used at these locations.

CCTV surveillance system is also used for monitoring of the Signalling point crossing at tracks (interlocking station). Night Vision (IR illuminated) cameras are used for this purpose.

The system consists of Control System, Video Wall Full HD IP Camera (Bullet, Dome, PTZ) Fixed & PTZ, Network Video Recorder and necessary Hardware & Software.

Layer 3 and Layer 2 Switch are used to connect all system.

Control System consists of Video Management & Video Analytic Software.