Techno Sat Comm provides reliable and efficient Centralised Digital Recording System (CDRS) solution for Mass Rail Transit Project.

CDRS provides multichannel voice recording and indexing of direct line communication including communication from all direct line consoles and emergency telephone lines, two way radio communications, emergency or fire messages broadcast on station PAS initiated from OCC and on train borne PAS initiated from OCC.

Integrated recorder is used for recording all calls on the corridor. The recorder is highly reliable and secure and provides with redundancy and complies with ITU-T recommendation and Indian regulations, as appropriate.

IP Based CDRS is used to record following conversation:

  • Direct line communication with the direct line consoles at OCC; Interface between CDRS and the direct line is Ethernet or Digital port level.
  • Two way radio conversations;
  • Emergency broadcast on train borne PAS initiated from OCC through RCW.
  • Live/emergency broadcast on station PAS initiated from OCC.
  • Recording of free space voice conversations of all Controllers in SCO Room, DCC Room, and OCC Theatre.
  • The recording channels on the recording medium shall be allocated among the consoles at the OCC.

CDRS is interfaced with Telephone System, Radio System and Public Address System.

High Quality Audio recording facility is also provided by CDRS. Line inputs may includes by not limited to, for Voice over IP -VoIP (SIP, RTP, ITU-T- H.323, H.325, H.248 and MGCP), Skype, digital ISDN (PRI and BRI), analogue voice channels, CTI circuits and facsimile.

Mechanical locking facility is used in the CDRS to prevent unauthorized access to the recorders.