Techno Sat Comm provides reliable and efficient FOTS solution for Mass Rail Transit Project.

For efficient metro railway management and operation, it is essential to have a well-organized communication infrastructure covering locations like OCC, Stations, Depots and RSS. It is equally essential to have highly reliable links between the strategic locations and moving trains or working staff along the railway track.

The FOTS provides a common transmission backbone for all the Telecom Subsystems: Telephone Subsystem, Train Radio Subsystem, Public Address Subsystem, Closed Circuit Television Subsystem, Passenger Information Display Subsystem, Master Clock Subsystem, and Fault Reporting Subsystem, Access Control and Intrusion Detection Subsystem and Voice Recording Subsystem. This also provides Ethernet connectivity for the Office Automation and Information Technology as well as LAN connectivity between telecom subsystems and non-telecom subsystems of the rail project.

The FOTS backbone infrastructure provides dedicated dark fiber as required for telecom subsystems and non-telecom subsystems of the rail project.

Earlier in Metro Rail in India, circuit switching technology was used for FOTS, but now organizations are gradually moving to packet switching for better bandwidth utilization.

In FOTS, three layered architecture Core, Distribution and Access are used to communicate between different strategic locations.

It consist of a duplicated multi-channel transmission system employing carrier grade switches / routers utilizing optical fibers as the interconnecting media and configured with duplicated fiber optic rings with diverse transmission path to ensure that in the event of equipment or transmission media failure, no circuit carried by the FOTS are affected except those connected to the failed node.