Techno Sat Comm provides reliable and efficient GSM-R solution for Mass Rail Transit Project.

The system provides ground to train voice and data communication and vice versa, mobile communication needs of maintenance staff, track side workers, station and Depot staff and administration and management staff.

The system is designed based on European Integrated Railway Radio Enhanced Network (EIRENE) Functional Requirements Specification (EIRENE FRS v7.3.0 and latest) and System Requirements Specification (EIRENE SRS v15.3.0 and latest). System architecture of Core Network is latest Rel-4 based on European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) TS 103 066 Version 1.1.1. Radio Access Network (RAN), Mobile Stations (Cab Radio, OPH and GPH) are as per latest EIRENE standards. Detailed description of each function can be found in EIRENE specifications Requirements marked as mandatory in EIRENE FRS & SRS.

It operates in the frequency bands around 900 MHz, allocated for use by the Railways and in the public GSM frequency bands.

This system consists of Intelligent Network (IN), Mobile switching subsystem (MSS), Base Station Subsystem (BSS), Network & Switching Subsystem (NSS), Operation & Maintenance Centre (OMC), Radio Dispatcher Workstation, Cab Radio, General Purpose Radio, Operational Purpose Radio, Shunting Radio and other accessories.

Mobile equipment functions correctly when train travelling at speeds from 0 km/h to 220 km/h.