IP BASED VOICE SYSTEMS : netwrk-diagram
TechnoSatComm’s IP based Voice system uses Multi Cast and Uni-Cast protocol over the executing IP network for application like :

1. IP based PA System
2. Broadcasting Pre Recorded Messages
3. Emergency Messages
4. Text To Voice Notification
5. Scheduled Messages
6. Weather forecast Up Dates
7. FM Radio over IP

We are experts in providing customized IP based Voice solution for Airports, Schools, Collages, University Campus, Courts, Hotels, Trains, Railways Stations etc.

The System seamlessly interfaces with any VOIP or legacy telephone system directly via SIP or a simple analog telephone interface. This provides a familiar, secure and password protected interface for initiating pre-recorded alerts or making a live page. The system is infinitely scalable – an unlimited number of schools or locations within a district can be controlled over the IP network via a single server. The system easily interfaces with any VoIP system via SIP or analog telephone systems to provide password protected user access for making announcements or other system adjustments. Live or pre-recorded messages may be broadcast to an entire district, campus, building, zone, classroom, or individual IP speaker. In emergency situations such as school lock down or weather events, specific pre-recorded instructions are easily triggered from a web browser, contact closure or Ethernet script.