TechnoSatComm will help in M2M enablement including the following verticals
City Surveillance: Capturing data from IP Cameras throughout the city and also enable processing of the Big Data using Video Management Systems and Video Analytics
m ATM: Backup and prime wireless data Connectivity to ATMs for banking and related transactions
m POS : Wireless data connectivity to credit/debit /Loyalty card/Ticketing terminals for authentication and financial transactions
m SCADA : Wireless automation and process control, remote viewing and linking to SCADA system eg. Feeder automation of FRTU linking to SCADA via wireless technologies conforming to protocols like IEC 104 in the energy utilities industry
AMI: Automatic Meter Integration and Telemetry applications using a wireless mesh to remotely read meters monitor and analyses big data and generate bills in the energy and water utilities industry
mHealthcare: Wireless enablement of medical devices and wearables for remote monitoring of health parameters of patients . TechnoSatComm can also enable tele -medicine by software based video conferencing between patients and medical consultants
Telematics: Vehicle tracking using wireless technologies in different verticals including the logistics industry
Home Automation: Wireless enablement of home appliances, utility services, devices and provision of a consumer portal to enable the same.

Smart City is a city that has deployed or is in the initial stages of deploying ICT (information and communications technology) solutions across multiple functions such as public safety (police and fire), transportation (bus, train and road systems), utilities (power and water) and education (school systems).
The recent wave of Smart City is in large part driven by the Internet of Things (IOT), which is simultaneously creating and being enabled by advances in cloud technology, security, mobile connectivity and M2M. In brief, the challenge of connecting machine to machine is a matter of technological flexibility, accessibility in remote areas, and dependency upon one mobile network operator. As new mobile generation devices fitted with high quality sensors and cameras emerge, their accessibility increases and their reach proliferates. Cities have a greater opportunity to connect, collect and analyze data for logistical improvements. We see the impact in areas such as traffic tracking to reduce gridlock, as well as in aspirational changes such as increasing citizen participation.

We at TechnoSatCom will help “Smart” enable Cities and homes by deploying appropriate ICT and IOT.