The Master Clock System is compliant with ITU-T G.811. It serves as Primary Reference Clock (PRC) for all clock functions of the Metro Corridor. The Master Clock is used to synchronise time signals received by radio communication from orbiting GPS satellites. The Master Clock derives Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) from received GPS satellite signals and converts this to local Indian Standard Time.

MCS consist of followings:

  • A GPS Master Clock Unit.
  • Sub-master clocks at each of the stations, depot, OCC and HQ.
  • Slave clocks, both digital and analogue at all stations, depot and HQ.

In addition of above, MMI is also being provided at CSS OCC for supervision and maintenance of all stations/depot/OCC clocks installed in Metro Corridor.

MCS receives time-of-day source from the Global Positioning System (GPS).

MCS provides network time-of-day to all subsystems requiring time-of-day.

MCS is interfaced with Fiber Optic Transmission system to time synchronisation with all equipments in Metro Corridor.