Media Sales:-

Live feed monetization with videos Pre- Rolls, Mid-Rolls, Post Rolls.

Inside the video player Jiff banners above and below.

Programmatic buying with various advertisement agencies as well brands.

Platform to create own Real Time bidding platform.

User experience is the first priority given and advertiser’s interest will be taken care off.

Content Strategy:-

Working on AVOD – (Ad-supported video on demand) model for major Indian studios and for the premium English movies and TV Shows and also on SVOD (Subscription video on demand) or TVOD (Transnational video on demand )  model.

Network Apps as well as collaborating with building our own digital magazines.

Live TV News from major TV Channels from India and Abroad for News and Sports section.

Power the gaming section from reputed Gaming companies from India and Abroad.

OUI Wi-fi OTT platform will have the best available Analytics integrated in it.

Geo-analytics and focus more on geo-targeting of advertisements, for Advertisers to have best demographic and psychographic profiles of the subscribers of the App.

E- Newspapers, Digital Magazines:-

Integration of Apps of major publication houses to distribute their content on OUI Wi-fi OTT platform.

Platform to sale Digital Magazines via  OUI WIFI subscribers at the discounted rates.

Product Promotions with event promotions:- 

OUI Wi-fi platform gives the BTL – (Below The Line Marketing) Activity

E-commerce integration powered by major e-commerce company

Discounted coupons for subscribers of the OUI Wi-fi

With respect to Premium Product Promotions: –

Space for home page banners for premium brands offered on Real Time Bidding.

Video Campaign for Premium Brands:- 

Pop-up and pop-under video inventory on OUI App Home-page for the premium partner.