Techno Sat Comm provides reliable and efficient Telephony solution for Mass Rail Transit Project.

The Telephone System provides voice, fax and data communications between metro rail personnel internally and also externally to the PSTN on IP PBX Exchange. Objective is to use the network infrastructure which is redundant. The same infrastructure is used on a separate CAT6 / CAT 7 for Voice / Video application on IP-PBX.
In addition to IP-PBX and Direct Line Telephone telephones, help points also provides for passengers for assistance when they are within the concourses, platforms and elevators inside the stations.
The Telephone System shall consist of the following subsystems:

  • IP PBX Network – It is highly reliable State of the art, non-blocking, ISDN compatible IP PBX Telephone network for voice, facsimile and data communication services throughout the Metro Corridor.IP PBX network is equipped with IP PBX switches, line and trunk interface units and different type of telephone sets for telephone communication.It is also interfaced to the Radio System to enable radio users to initiate and receive calls from IP PBX extension or from the PSTN telephones. IP PBX network also interfaced with Public Addressing System to broadcast message & announcement to Stations and other strategic location
  • Direct Line Telephone System – The Direct Line Telephone Communication System shall provide control telephone lines for train operation, traction power supply control and maintenance telephone lines for track, rolling stock, signalling and telecommunication. The system shall ensure instant, uninterruptible, communication between key points.
  • Voice Over IP Phones System – The Voice Over IP telephone communication system provides telephone lines over IP network using proven protocols such as H.323, SIP etc for stations, depot and OCC. The system ensures instant, uninterruptible, real time audio/video communication between key points.
  • Centralised Digital Recording System (CDRS) – The Telephone System shall be interfaced with a Centralised Digital Recording System for recording of designated telephone lines including emergency telephone lines.
  • Unified Messaging Application (UMA) – This is provided for IP PBX system with facilities such as Email, Voice mail, Faxes, Conferencing & Collaboration and inbuilt Soft phone. The Unified Messaging Application is accessible from desktop clients and supports features such as making calls, sending, replying, forwarding Voice messages and recording live conversation and accessing the IP PBX services. UMA supports Unified directory that allows the IP Phone, Soft phone user to call by name and identify their correspondents.

A Conferencing and Collaboration application also provided for all types of IP Phones (soft-phones included) under UMA for Audio Conferencing, Data collaboration & Video Conferencing.