Techno Sat Comm provides reliable and efficient TETRA solution for Mass Rail Transit Project.

A common radio platform provides radio communication for both the at-grade and elevated line. The use of radio frequency spectrum in India is regulated by the Wireless Planning and Co-ordination (WPC) Wing of the Ministry of Communications, Government of India. Metro Rail administrations have been so far allotted spectrum in 380 – 400 MHz band. Frequency allotment may be in 400 or 800 MHz

The Radio system equips with central or distributed control equipment installed in the OCC for system control from Operation Control Center.

Base stations install at selected locations to relay communications between all radios in the Radio system. The audio and data conveyed to the central equipment. The system supports both train radio and hand portable radio operations for system operations, maintenance and security functions throughout Metro Rail Corridor.

The Radio system includes, but not limited to, the following:

  • Central or Distributed Infrastructure control equipment including controller, switch, Recorder, Dispatchers, router, etc for OCC with a full backup at designated location.
  • Base stations including Tetra site controller, site router, base radios, environmental alarm system and RF distribution system as required to meet the requirements.
  • Radio access units (RCU) and panels (RCP) (Fixed Station & Depot radios)
  • Radio control workstations and associated hardware
  • Radio dispatch workstations (RDW) and associated audio and signalling control hardware
  • Hand-portable radios with accessories.
  • Mobile train-borne radios complete with radio control head, Interfacing Unit, Control Panel, hands free microphone speakers and power supply equipment, including train-borne antennae, antenna mounting brackets, RF cables and connectors (including those connectors at other subsystem
  • All software and license required for operation and maintenance of the radio system.
  • Radio network management system
  • AVL & VPN Sub system.
  • Authentication sub-system.